Sunday, August 30, 2009

what im made to be .By ashleyr

What do you see when you look at me.? Do you see what i see, are we two complete different people? That we cant see when one is hurting or in need.Are we self absorbed think of only what we can get out of everyone around us.Do we ever take the time to say sorry.Or do we walk around as the world revolves around us.Can we stop and think what if i was something else,maybe some thing like a dragon or a fairy tale creature or can be anything we want .Will i achieve goals now.Could i change the world in one day could i make a difference if i tried?? would it matter, would i be a better person if i fed the poor.
Could it be only me,that's tries to make a difference but cant.
I have so many questions?cant you answer them,can you sit down and talk to me like when i was young.teaching me how to walk eat and talk.Could we go back when life was just a game,rules didn't matter could you tell me the secrets that i wish i know.
Is it only me??
can i play in the sand and still be my age, can i go to parties and get high will i be a better person.
what makes you who you are .? The company you keep or is it who you are destine to be no matter how hard you try to fight to be different.
Is dressing a certain way that makes me cool, will i lose my individuality?

Can i be myself or am i decent to be who you want me to,can you tell me who you want me to be . ill listen if it means i can be free.

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