Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hard to see clear.(will i be) by.AshleyR

Many days i look out the window wondering,whats out there how does it feal to have a 9-5. So many people struggling, and we sit back and think life is perfect because where young.will life be so simple when i get older.Will my friends still be there? will i still think about all the material things in world? will my mother always be there? The world is changing day by day,will i ever catch up..whats beyond those highways,and street lamps.Is there danger at every corner,will i go down that path or destruction.Will i know right from wrong,will i turn against everything and everyone i know.could it be just me,stairing at myself in the mirror wondering when did i change.where did i get all this fear from,what is this fear??Is it the fear of me getting older or is it the fear of the pass catching up to me.Will i ever know myself like before or always be unsure? will i clime out my shell and be who i wanna be..
Is it possible to have dreams that never come true is bad to dream about that things that will never happen? am i just a bug in this big world trying to fly. Where will i end up.where will i go.Will i always be the girl that doesn't know who she is or the girl that walks like her mother.
Only time will tell, or is it too late for the little girl in the mirror?
Can my father save me from my anger or will he watch as i break down.Is it up to him to cry for me when I'm down or is it up to me . Who will cry for the little girl when no one else it there.Maybe me,if i don't disappear into myself. Who will i become.We will have to wait and see because only the little girl inside of me can tell me.If she goes I'm alone in this world i call home.Pray for the little girl who is by herself,but me who am i? Am i alone??

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