Sunday, August 30, 2009

what im made to be .By ashleyr

What do you see when you look at me.? Do you see what i see, are we two complete different people? That we cant see when one is hurting or in need.Are we self absorbed think of only what we can get out of everyone around us.Do we ever take the time to say sorry.Or do we walk around as the world revolves around us.Can we stop and think what if i was something else,maybe some thing like a dragon or a fairy tale creature or can be anything we want .Will i achieve goals now.Could i change the world in one day could i make a difference if i tried?? would it matter, would i be a better person if i fed the poor.
Could it be only me,that's tries to make a difference but cant.
I have so many questions?cant you answer them,can you sit down and talk to me like when i was young.teaching me how to walk eat and talk.Could we go back when life was just a game,rules didn't matter could you tell me the secrets that i wish i know.
Is it only me??
can i play in the sand and still be my age, can i go to parties and get high will i be a better person.
what makes you who you are .? The company you keep or is it who you are destine to be no matter how hard you try to fight to be different.
Is dressing a certain way that makes me cool, will i lose my individuality?

Can i be myself or am i decent to be who you want me to,can you tell me who you want me to be . ill listen if it means i can be free.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


The world is made up of different things && different cultures we should learn how to Love not Hate.


"If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon, it's OK. But you've got to shoot for something. A lot of people don't even shoot.Confucius"

My Horoscope. =)

"Tonight will be a star-lit night for you. The day is all about anticipation, but the night may prove far more interesting. Anything can happen on a night like this, so be prepared for the unexpected. "

HALLOWEEN 11. (2009)

I saw halloween two,yesterday it was not as good as the original i think they tried a little to hard to make the movie scary.It was so predictable,it was the worst horror flick.Many people were confused at the end of the movie. I think they could have did a away better job. i give this move 2 and a half stars.Thats all it deserves.!!!!!! sorry


Adam Goldstein formally known as DJ Am was found dead in his soho apartment.he was 36.drug paraphernalia including a glass crack pipe was found at the scene and Goldstein hadn't been seen or heard from in several days. A friend checking on Goldstein eventually called police, and they broke down the door and found his body lying in his bed.He will be greatlly missed in the music industry.DJ AM: 1973-2009


THE Inauguration!! This moment i had to have ,this was a very impotant detail in my life.

Hard to see clear.(will i be) by.AshleyR

Many days i look out the window wondering,whats out there how does it feal to have a 9-5. So many people struggling, and we sit back and think life is perfect because where young.will life be so simple when i get older.Will my friends still be there? will i still think about all the material things in world? will my mother always be there? The world is changing day by day,will i ever catch up..whats beyond those highways,and street lamps.Is there danger at every corner,will i go down that path or destruction.Will i know right from wrong,will i turn against everything and everyone i know.could it be just me,stairing at myself in the mirror wondering when did i change.where did i get all this fear from,what is this fear??Is it the fear of me getting older or is it the fear of the pass catching up to me.Will i ever know myself like before or always be unsure? will i clime out my shell and be who i wanna be..
Is it possible to have dreams that never come true is bad to dream about that things that will never happen? am i just a bug in this big world trying to fly. Where will i end up.where will i go.Will i always be the girl that doesn't know who she is or the girl that walks like her mother.
Only time will tell, or is it too late for the little girl in the mirror?
Can my father save me from my anger or will he watch as i break down.Is it up to him to cry for me when I'm down or is it up to me . Who will cry for the little girl when no one else it there.Maybe me,if i don't disappear into myself. Who will i become.We will have to wait and see because only the little girl inside of me can tell me.If she goes I'm alone in this world i call home.Pray for the little girl who is by herself,but me who am i? Am i alone??

Anorexic Models!

Has the world of modeling pushed many people to become anorexic,they say only size 0 women are beautiful a size 2 is to large.What if this bussiness forces you to become more then thin, but makes you become so frail you could barely fit your clothes? Is this beauty? Is this what its going to take make it in a industry ,but a size 6 or 10 cant ?Are you willing to risk your health,for something you wanted all your life.Are you willing to break all the rules?
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New Boyz - You're A Jerk (Music Video



well this is the man formally known as Dj clark kent,but to me he's uncle tony. He was born in Republic of Panama and moved to the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn in his early years.DJ Clark Kent has been a force in the hip hop culture since his introduction to deejaying by his uncle who was friends with DJ Kool Herc. He is best known for his production of many classic tracks with rap legends Notorious B.I.G. Jay-z and also for his key role in the signing of major label recording deals for artists such as Das Efx, Jay-z, MC Lyte, Sauce Money and Yo Yo.


Numerous reports say the European Commission is now looking into accounts of exploding iPhones and iPod Touches--and Apple is cooperating, according to The New York Times.
Apple said "these are isolated incidents," commission spokeswoman Helen Kearns told reporters in Brussels. "They don't consider that there's a general problem." Kearns said the company is seeking more information on the reported incidents and will do necessary tests.
Claims of iPhones exploding have surfaced in Britain and France, with at least one person, a teenager, sustaining an eye injury. In addition, KIRO TV in Seattle has turned up 800 pages of documents from the Consumer Product Safety Commission that include cases of burning or flaming iPods.
There have been many well-documented cases of laptop batteries bursting into flames, so it's plausible that iPhones could heat up too, given that they use the same (or similar) battery technology.

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Is it only me or is anyone else noticing that hip hop,has become nothing but violence and "BLING"? Before i was born Hip Hop was about who could flow the best and rapping sent a message to children.Today the message is different,all you hear is killing and girls.Women are degraded in these lyrics by many of these up coming rappers.They are suppose to be showing example to children all around the world.Many parents hate their children listen to Hip Hop because of the context of the lyrics.If children can't even listen to Hip hop && enjoy it with out every word being beeped out, then what is Hip Hop becoming??


Michael jackson was born August 29,1958 && passed August 25,2009.
He started a solo career in 1971, having made his debut in 1964 as a member of The Jackson 5. His 1982 album Thriller remains the best-selling album of all time, with four others — Off the Wall (1979), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991), and HIStory (1995) — among the best selling. He popularized several intricate dance moves, such as the robot and the moonwalk. He is widely credited with having transformed the music video from a promotional tool into an art form, with videos for his songs "Billie Jean", "Beat It" and "Thriller" making him the first African American artist to amass a strong crossover following on MTV and has influenced scores of music artists.
Twice inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, his other achievements feature multiple Guinness World Records — including the "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time" — 13 Grammy Awards, 17 number one singles (including the four as a member of the Jackson 5), and estimated sales between 350 million and 750 million records worldwide. He was also a notable philanthropist and humanitarian who donated and raised million of dollars through support of 39 charities and his own Heal the World Foundation.
Jackson's personal life generated controversy for years. His changing appearance was noticed from the late 1970s and early 1980s, with changes to the shape of his nose and to the color of his skin drawing media publicity. He was accused in 1993 of child sexual abuse, although no charges were brought. He married twice, first in 1994 and again in 1996, and brought up three children, one born to a surrogate mother. In 2005, he was tried and acquitted of child molestation allegations. While preparing for the This Is It concert tour in 2009, Jackson died at the age of 50 after suffering from cardiac arrest, the cause of which was later suspected to be an overdose of propofol . His memorial service was broadcast live around the world.
He will never be forgotton he will live on ,forever by his music and his fans.


why are there so many cases in teenage abuse in relationships.First i think where to young to even have someone our age telling us what to do and what to wear.If you feal your in a situation that you cant handle with your pair you should not stay,because it could become out of control and there could be a deadly out come.

.Is jealous or possessive toward you. (Jealousy is the primary symptom of abusive relationships; it is also a core component of Sexual Addictionsand Love Addiction.)
.Tries to control you by being very bossy or demanding.
.Tries to isolate you by demanding you cut off social contacts and friendships.
.Is violent and / or loses his or her temper quickly.
.Pressures you sexually, demands sexual activities you are not comfortable with.
.Abuses drugs or alcohol.
.Claims you are responsible for his or her emotional state. (This is a core diagnostic criteria for Codependency.)
.Blames you when he or she mistreats you.
.Has a history of bad relationships.
.Your family and friends have warned you about the person or told you that they are concerned for your safety or emotional well being.
.You frequently worry about how he or she will react to things you say or do.
.Makes "jokes" that shame, humiliate, demean or embarrass you, weather privately or around family and friends.
.Your partner grew up witnessing an abusive parental relationship, and/or was abused as a child.
.Your partner "rages" when they feel hurt, shame, fear or loss of control.
.Both parties in abusive relationships may develop or progress in drug or alcohol dependence in a (dysfunctional) attempt to cope with the pain.
.You leave and then return to your partner repeatedly, against the advice of your friends, family and loved ones.
.You have trouble ending the relationship, even though you know inside it's the r
ight thing to do.

if you have any of these problems in your relationship there are many hotlines and people you can talk to you are not alone.

Abercrombie and Fitch =)

i love the new abercrombie out vintage wear,it really gives certain people there own sense of style. helps with there own indiviudalty,you can be preppy or sporty && you could still pull of any thing for this collection.


G-Shock is a brand of watches manufactured by Casio, known for its resistance to shocks . They were, and continue to be, designed primarily for sports and outdoor adventure oriented activity; for example, practically all G-Shocks have some kind of stopwatch feature, countdown timer, light and water resistance. Recent models have become more luxury and design oriented.